Redshift Sky

Your gateway to the world of the stars

Allow yourself to be carried away to an unknown, far-away world. The world of the stars.
Embark on a voyage of discovery and explore the night sky with your bare eyes. Identify constellations, satellites, planets, asteroids, or – with a little luck – even comets! With the Redshift Sky apps, immerse yourself in the depths of the galaxy, explore its planets, and practice astronomy like a professional. Or use the PC software for even more professional features.


The Sky by Redshift is your free-of-charge entry to the world of astronomy.

On the balcony, in the park or round the campfire under an open sky: explore our solar system from wherever you happen to be. The Sky app is beginner-friendly and easy to use. Impress your friends with your expert knowledge about the Earth and its moons, or show your children how our solar system is structured. This app makes observing the heavens child’s play.

US$ 8,99

Redshift Sky professional is your tool and your database when it comes to the study of celestial bodies.

Planets, comets, asteroids – no cosmic body can remain hidden in the dark of the night when you are on a voyage of exploration through the galaxies with the Redshift Sky professional app. With Redshift Sky professional you are practicing astronomy on a completely new level. Embark on astronomical journeys through our galaxy, explore the skies, discover new objects and find out about them in the database. Share your findings with your friends or with the whole online community, and exchange information on your observations of star clusters.

US$ 13,99 € / Year

Redshift Sky ultimate is the database that you have always been looking for.

With your telescope you can observe faraway galaxies and deep-sky objects, and identify them directly in the app. Professional astronomy has never been so easy. Here you can find out everything about the star that you have discovered with your telescope. As an added advantage you also have extensive information on millions of celestial bodies that were already viewed. Extend the Redshift Sky professional with the ultimate functions. Connect your hardware to the app and familiarize yourself with faraway stars and solar systems.

Software for PC or Mac

Redshift 9 lets you explore the universe from your PC or Mac.

The award-winning software offers the broadest range of features for hobby astronomers and pros – in two versions.