Redshift Sky Pro

Redshift Sky Pro –
the pocket-sized planetarium

US$ 8.99

The sky is your hobby and astronomy is your passion. You already know your way across the solar system, and your gaze is now focused on the entire galaxy – our Milky Way. You want to explore remote regions of space and gain new insights into our universe. With Redshift Sky Pro there are no more limits to your curiosity.

Precise representation of the sky

With the aid of precise position alignment, the app shows you the exact night sky at your current location. Point your equipment at the specific celestial body that you want to observe. Explore the night sky and compare your discoveries with the database. Check which planets and stars are currently visible, which constellations are in the sky, and where the Earth is in relation to the latter. High-resolution images show you far-away celestial bodies as if you were in orbit yourself. Travel at will through space, and take a look at any of the stars and planets that take your interest. The new app now provides for an even more precise observation of the night sky. Observe stars wherever and whenever it suits you, and, with a single tap, download all relevant information on the celestial bodies to the display of your smartphone or tablet.

Practice your hobby astronomy just like a professional.

Make a journey through the Milky Way

Things are getting boring here on Earth? Embark on a journey across our galaxy. Travel past countless satellites. Pass our Sun and continue flying through the galaxy. Head off for other planets and explore the Milky Way. Experience the sunrise on Mars, or check out the moons of Jupiter. Explore space from the Earth or from any other planet you choose. Take a look around our solar system, the galaxy, and the depths of space, and travel across astronomical expanses using the app. With a single tap you can travel 67 light years (or 20 parsecs) to Aldebaran! Take a look at the destinations that are open to you. Now there are no more limits to the observation of the night sky.

Jupiter mit Monden

The Milky Way in a simulation

Astronomy is more than just the mere observation of celestial bodies. After all, you also want to know something about what you are actually looking at. You take your hobby seriously. You want to know more, want to learn data and facts about the objects you have discovered. This is why, in addition to the pictures of all parts of the galaxy, this astronomy app offers information on countless celestial bodies. Stars, suns, planets, asteroids, comets, and lots of other deep-sky objects – they are all filed in the app with their relevant data and important information. In the simulation you can see the 3D object in close-up, you can turn it and rotate it and observe it from all directions. You can also fly directly to any of the objects included in the database.

Observe the night sky from one of the moons of Saturn. Discover a far-away solar system. Explore its stars and then consult the database to find out all there is to know about your discoveries. With the aid of this app you will not only learn which stars and constellations are currently in the sky. You can also travel to the depths of the cosmos – much further than the naked eye can see. Educate yourself and penetrate into the depths of astronomy. That’s more than mere hobby astronomy!

Manipulate time

You can travel not only across the vast expanses of space, but also through the depths of time. You are in control here at all times. You decide when the sun rises and sets. With the time interval functionality you can simulate the universe from 1000 BC up to the year 2500 AD. Which planet can best be viewed at what time? Which phase was the Moon in when men landed on it in 1969? Which celestial event occurred yesterday on the other side of the globe? The answers to these questions are no more than a tap away. With the app for Android and iOS you have the necessary tools in your hand. Take a look around the night sky – not only at the present time but in a range spanning several thousand years.


Event calendar and favorites

Never miss a galactic event again! Prolonged searching for pending celestial events is now a thing of the past. With the event calendar you always have a full overview of everything that is happening in the sky. The next Mars opposition may be on the way – you are fully informed in good time and perfectly prepared. You can also mark any object as a favorite in order to jump directly to your desired destination. Is the ISS currently visible? You are fully informed – one tap is sufficient and you see the desired information on your smartphone! Professional astronomy has never been so easy – or so affordable.

Discover the Universe

With the ready-made astronomical journeys included in the app for Android and iOS you can fly to interesting places all across the Milky Way. You set off from planet Earth. First, you fly past countless satellites and space probes to the Moon. After taking one last look back at Earth from the lunar surface, you head off for Phobos, one of the moons of Mars. Then you can make a detour to Alcyone, the brightest member of the Pleiades star cluster. The entire journey is, of course, fed with information about all the objects you encounter during your trip across the Milky Way. That’s the way how to enjoy hobby astronomy.

With this astronomy app you always carry your planetarium and your encyclopedia with you – wherever you may go. With the app for Android or iOS you can observe the night sky at any time and from anywhere, and you can easily recognize far-away objects. Whether you are on the balcony or in the garden, at your favorite place for stargazing out in the open, on vacation, or on your sofa – with Redshift Sky Pro you can view the night sky from anywhere and in any weather condition. Travel across the universe and through time. Explore remote regions of space and find out about the stars and planets there with just a tap. Make more of your hobby with the Redshift Sky Pro app for Android or iOS and practice your astronomy on a completely new level.