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The ultimate upgrade
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You know your way around the universe? Then you know that it holds millions of stars and at least as many secrets.

Powerful database

On your many forays across the night sky, you will repeatedly encounter deep-sky objects you are not familiar with. Searching for their names and their relevant data takes up too much of your time? You want to study the matter in depth and at the same time explore other regions of space? The ultimate upgrade of the Redshift app extends Redshift Sky Pro, and it contains 2.5 million stars and planets. Take an even closer look at the Milky Way and extend your own horizons. Planets, moons, and comets – this app will leave no object in the night sky unexplored. A planet catches your eye that you would like to know more about? Simply select any random celestial body and have all the relevant information shown directly on your display. With the current version of the ultimate upgrade there are no more limits to your passion for astronomy!

Direct hardware control

The naked eye is not sufficient for you to observe the stars? You would like to discover celestial bodies at an even greater distance and then keep them in sight? You have your telescope with you, and you also want to use the advantages of Redshift Sky? All this is now possible with the ultimate upgrade! Simply connect your hardware with the app, and point your telescope directly at the celestial body that you want to study more closely. Connect the app and your telescope with an additional monitor – then you can keep your eye on the whole night sky in high-resolution images. With the Redshift app you can set up your own virtual planetarium. You have a genuine passion for astronomy? Well, now you have an indispensable astronomy app at your disposal.

Ultimate – details

You would like to look more deeply into the secrets of the universe? Use your planetarium any way you choose. The ultimate upgrade extends the Redshift Sky Pro app by adding many new functions. For example, you can download the coordinate and grid systems and set the guides. This is ideal for tracking and classifying planets, moons, and other objects. The upgrade also allows you to show the orbits of all important objects, and to observe their movements in advance. Allow the complexity of the night sky to work its magic on you, and gain insights into its hidden mechanisms. With the ultimate upgrade you can take a look behind the scenes and study the universe down to the finest detail!

Discover planets, moons, and comets in the most remote regions of the night sky and immerse yourself in the depths of astronomy. As a special feature for hobby astronomers, the ultimate upgrade of Redshift Sky Pro includes a function that allows you to directly control and align your telescope so that you can easily observe and identify deep-sky objects. Use your own professional hardware and connect it with the app so that you can download all relevant information within just seconds. Use all advantages of Redshift Sky Pro on either one or several displays. This will provide you a better overview of the night sky so that you can always find your way around in the dense throng of stars!

Create, store and share your own journeys

You have discovered some interesting deep-sky objects? Or you have even understood the connection between several events? Share the images with your friends and the whole world! With the ultimate upgrade you can create and store your own journeys, or share them with the online community, and you can even view the journeys of other users. Exchange information with other astronomy enthusiasts and Redshift app users all over the world. Your voyage of discovery is not going to stop here!

With the ultimate upgrade for Redshift Sky you have found the database you’ve always been looking for. Download an extensive planetarium and the indispensable encyclopedia directly to your smartphone or tablet. Now, with just one tap, you can have all information about countless celestial bodies being shown immediately on your display. So let’s start the exploration of space right now!

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