The Sky by Redshift

The Sky by Redshift gets you close to the Milky Way

Free of charge

Countless stars twinkle in the night sky and create fascinating constellations. Immerse yourself in the world of the heavenly bodies and explore the infinite expanses of the universe. The North Star and all the known and unknown constellations are waiting to be discovered and identified by you.

Precise representation of the sky

The Sky by Redshift detects your location and shows you up to 20,000 stars including constellations in the sky, directly and in real time. All objects can be identified with the naked eye as the celestial bodies are shown directly on the Smartphone with the aid of Augmented Reality. Stars, planets, comets, asteroids, satellites and 200 deep-sky objects and constellations are waiting to be discovered and explored. With the Redshift Sky app for Android and iOS you can explore and uncover all of the secrets of the night sky.

Our neighboring planets

With the zoom function you can discover the solar system in an even greater degree of detail. You’ve discovered Mars in the night sky? Now you can take a more precise look at our neighboring planet. You would like to know how Mars and other planets and constellations are currently aligned with Earth? The 3D objects in this astronomy app show all of the desired information down to the finest detail. Travel into the night sky with your mobile phone, and take a look at the two moons of Mars while you’re there.

Back to the future

Simulate the solar system and turn the clock back and forth. With the aid of the time interval function you can make the moon Europa disappear behind Jupiter and then appear again. Travel into the future and find out whether Mars will be visible tomorrow. Or go back into the past and show your friends which constellations were visible in the sky the night before. Follow the constellations, stars, planets, comets, asteroids and satellites over the course of time. Check out which objects were in the sky at what time, and have all of the relevant information shown in the app.


Event calendar and favorites

You never want to miss an important moment in the firmament again? The event calendar will ensure that you never do. Whether it’s a meteor storm, an eclipse of the sun or special planetary constellations – The Sky by Redshift knows everything that’s going on so that you are always informed. Mark constellations you like as favorites so that you can always keep an eye on them. Then you can access them with just a click at any time and are always kept up to date. If anything breathtaking happens in the sky, you know about it at an early stage and can plan the evening in advance. From now on you never have to miss a single celestial event. After all, with The Sky by Redshift you always have your own planetarium in your pocket. The app shows you the night sky in an unprecedented level of detail. Simulations of countless celestial bodies, names and facts from the database accompany you on your journey through space.

Extend The Sky by Redshift

Where is Mars, actually? Is that the North Star? Where can I find my star sign, and how do I recognize it? Which constellations are currently visible in the sky? This app for Android and iOS supplies all the answers as well as an impressive range of further details on our solar system.

You would like to recognize more than the familiar constellations such as the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, and familiarize yourself with the Leo Minor constellation, Ursa Major, the Corona Borealis and the Aquila constellation? This App for Android and iOS makes astronomy child’s play. You have your planetarium with all the information on the various constellations with you at all times on your Smartphone. Observe the night sky from your balcony or garden, and show all of the main constellations. The Sky by Redshift, of course, offers a lot more than just discovering constellations. With this app you have the key to the universe in your hands, with 3D simulations and plenty of expert knowledge. Immerse yourself deep in the astronomical expanses of space, and explore every corner of the night sky – wherever you happen to be and whatever constellations are currently in the sky.