Redshift 9 Premium

Explore the universe from your screen with the award-winning professional Astronomy software Redshift.

Redshift 9 Premium
for your PC or Mac

See the night sky in unique brilliance, travel to the stars and to strange, new galaxies, land on celestial bodies or orbit the Earth in real time.

Plan your observations of the sky and control your telescope. Enjoy the many new features, the modern interface and a particularly simple operation!


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Explore the night sky

  • Virtual planetarium to simulate the sky, with impressive representation of the movement of all celestial bodies and constellations
  • Exact calculation of the position of celestial bodies based on the latest scientific data – for the current time, for tomorrow night or any other time between 4713 B.C. and 9999 A.D.
  • Visualization of the apparent motion of the sun, planets, moons, comets and asteroids in the night sky

Countless celestial bodies

  • Exact position calculation and motion simulation of over 100 million stars, 1 million deep sky objects, 1.2 million asteroids
  • Additional online access to the USNO B1.0 and Gaia DR3 catalogs with 1.8 billion stars

Travel through space and time

  • Impressive flights through space to planets, moons, asteroids, spacecraft, stars and to distant galaxies, going even beyond the boundaries of the Milky Way
  • Simulation of astronomical events from fascinating angles with just one mouse click – it’s like you were there yourself
  • Breathtaking perspectives through three-dimensional representation of celestial bodies – also available for interstellar nebulae, star clusters and entire galaxies


Explore the solar system

  • Positionally accurate landing on planets and moons to observe the sky from there, an orbit or a freely selectable location in the solar system
  • Visualization of the moons orbiting the planets
  • Observation of asteroids and comets on their way through space, highest accuracy of trajectoriy data by using numerical integration

Discover astronomy

  • Detailed introduction to astronomy with 29 chapters on the basics, astronomical events and missions
  • With many pictures, videos and animations

Plan observations

  • Convenient observation planner with clear visibility information
  • Add your personal objects of interest to the observation planner


Sky diary

  • A comprehensive Sky Diary lists all astronomical events, with observation info for your standpoint
  • Clear selection of solar and lunar eclipses, conjunctions, meteor streams and other astronomical eventsAll sky events can be simulated directly, with just one click
  • Preview window for today’s sky events

Mission tracking

  • Includes 45 deep space missions
  • Watch the journey of famous space probes like Voyager oder James Webb Space Telescope – animated tours explain the mission phases

Orbit display

  • Impressive 3D display of the orbits of all planets, moons, asteroids, comets and satellites
  • Option to show and hide each orbit line separately


Easy time control

  • Intuitive setting of observation date and time
  • Easy visualization of astronomical processes that normally take months or years
  • Two options for date/time control
  • Time acceleration with extra fine stepping and forward-backward time lapse

Find objects

  • Enjoy animated previews of the passage of any object over the night sky with just one click
  • Control window for precise navigation in the sky view
  • Let Redshift 9 adjust the display options automatically or adjust them manually
  • Get supported by plenty of tools, like grids, sky guides, ecliptic and horizon lines, a compass, telrad rings and many more
  • History of 3D flights and of previously selected sky objects

Optimized operability

  • Powerful search function to quick find any object – by entering the name or direct access to selection lists for all types of celestial bodies
  • Selection lists for all types of celestial bodies
  • Separate categories for stars with exoplanets and for known novae and supernovae
  • Optional flights to the objects, direct positioning of the sky view, display of astronomical information or hints for observation

Multi-Window option

  • Multi-window function for simultaneous display of celestial events from different viewing angles and distances
  • Time synchronization of the view windows

Solar Eclipse map

  • Special eclipse map illustrates the exact path of solar eclipses
  • Eclipse preview animations and detailed info for any place from where the eclipse can be observed

Find satellites

  • Real-time tracking of thousands of satellites and space probes
  • Sat track map showing the path of any satellite over the Earth’s surface
  • Detailed 3D models of the ISS and other spacecraft let you enjoy spectacular views


Control your telescope

  • Telescope control for telescopes with Meade and Celestron interface
  • Support of ASCOM Alpaca standard

More features

  • Optimized for touch screen usage
  • Download of up-to-date trajectories for spacecraft, asteroids and comets
  • Localized in 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Japanese

System requirements

  • OS: Win11/10 or Mac 10.13 or higher
  • DVD ROM drive (not for download)
  • Internet access for online features

New in version 1.1.2

Visualize the apparent motion of the sun, planets, moons, comets and asteroids in the night sky.